Not to be confused with Ace Chaseman[1]

What you need to know

Tod Branston is a character in Pantsahat's videos. He appears as a sleazy and lazy person, as seen in Lego Man Builds Tiny House. He claims to mooch of friends and family, and we later see him go on a life of crime.

Life as a moocher and a criminal

Tod's first appearance in Lego Man Builds Tiny House, we see him admitting to being a moocher, and eventually making a living, "hitting those corners". As he shows off his tiny house to a film crew, he gets increasingly angry, eventually setting the house on fire. However, with film crew staff still in there, he is arrested.

We see in Lego Train Chase (Stop Motion) that he is in cahoots with the Suave Bad Guy, helping him escape the blast of a bomb concealed in a suitcase.

We see him again in Lego Walmart Shopping. His newly acquired wealth as seen in the video is evident with his shopping robot and new house, probably paid with money made from his criminal life.

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