Tahu is a Bionicle who writes screenplays and wears gucci even though he is known to be broke. Tahu is a big fan of restaraunts as he is seen eating out at Chipotle, McDonalds, Starbucks, and Hooters.


Tahu first appeared at Chipotle in "Every Time I go to Chipotle this happens". He was too embarrassed to order a burrito, however, and left to go to Taco Bell. Later he was put under house arrest after he and his friend, Hippo, tried to rob a McDonalds. He broke parole however and was arrested again after Darth Vader blew up a Starbucks. He was put under house arrest again, and again broke parole and went to jail for real this time. He was later seen at Femboy Hooters with his probation officer.


Every Time I go to Chipotle This Happens

Every Time I Order Ice Cream at McDonald's

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You are forced to Play Monopoly [ASMR]

Master Chief Becomes a Femboy (The Anime)

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