Hippo is a sentient hippopotamus who lives in Lego City. His Roommates are Tahu, Astolfo, Master Chief, and Anime guy. First Appearing in "Lego McDonald's but you broke", Hippo quickly became the main character of what is now known as "The Hippo Saga"

He's known for having a diet of only Mountain dew and Flaming hot Habaneros Doritos, that haven't been made since 2007. He also eats McDonald's.


When Hippo's Roommate brought pizza home for dinner, Hippo rejected it and interjected that they should go to McDonald's instead, but his roommate's girlfriend lied to them about having money so they battled the cashier to get their beloved McNuggets.

He tried to pick up smoking at his roommate's workplace, 7-Eleven, but got distracted by the hotdog. After the hotdog destroyed the convenience store, Hippo and his roommate fled to their apartment which they later moved out of.

Hippo is known for tagging along with his roommate, even to his school. During the Zombie Apocalypse, Hippo sat in on his class and helped them escape the Apocalypse with his weapons stash.

After Hippo moved into his new house, his new roommate was arrested by The Anime Police for being an incel gamer terrorist and he let his old roommate move in. He is known to also be friends with Tod Branston and had lunch with him at Chipotle.

He was put under house arrest for robbing a McDonald's at gunpoint, but, showing disregard for Anime Law, he left his house and went to Starbucks where he was subsequently put under house arrest again. He has since hung out in his apartment, sitting around.


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