What you need to know

Ace Chaceman is a regular character in Pantsahat's videos, appearing as a detective, later on being employed by the United States Coalition, and subsequently surviving the Zombie Invasion.

He has a very head-on and reckless attitude, jumping off buildings and blowing up trains regularly. His partner Nabrowski is the polar opposite, more than often trying to get him to act more reasonably.

"As long as there's a train, a-chuggin' along these tracks, I'll be there to blow it up"

Life as a Detective and Agent

We first see Ace in the video, Lego Train Robbery, in where Ace appears solo. With a cannon on his car, he injures an orphan while boarding a stolen train, and then proceeding to blow up said train.

We see Chaseman again, in Nabrowski's first video, Lego Action Cops (Stop Motion). In it, Ace sustains several injuries and while attempting to catch the Suave Bad Guy, he falls from an apartment block, seriously injuring himself.

His next appearance happened in the video, Lego Train Chase (Stop Motion), in where Ace wakes up from a coma, and tries to blow up a train, having done so with a bomb thrown at him by the Suave Bad Guy. We do not know who was killed in the blast, but we do know Ace survived.

Ace later appeared in Lego Sci-fi Train Movie (Stop Motion), in where the United States Coalition employs him as an agent to destroy a rebellion, altering his body, making him a cyborg. During his mission, he meets the President's Daughter and decides to destroy the USC.

Chaseman makes an appearance in Lego McDonalds Zombie Invasion, where we discover his backstory as a soldier. He meets again his nemesis, the Cow of the Hoofed Empire.

Skills and Abilities

We see that Chaseman is a skilled combatant, and resilient individual, surviving an axe to the spine and falling from a high-rise apartment block. Chaseman is also familiar with firearms, having been employed by the military in the past.

After getting kitted out with cybernetics from the USC, he is seen surviving another train crash, relatively injury-free. He is also equipped with a built-in lighter.

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